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As solar energy continues to grow in popularity, solar installation businesses are playing a crucial role in this green revolution. AllPhase offers a comprehensive service to ensure a seamless switch to solar energy. 

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

The initial AllPhase consultation and site assessment involves a site visit to your property to evaluate all aspects of installing your solar panel system. During this assessment, we’ll consider factors like roof condition, orientation, shading, and local climate, all of which influence the system’s design and efficiency.

System Design and Customization

Based on the site assessment, AllPhase will design a solar system tailored to your energy needs and property specifications, such as selecting the appropriate type and size of solar panels, inverters, and other components. The aim is to maximize energy production and cost-effectiveness.

Permitting and Documentation

AllPahse handles navigating the permitting process, manages the necessary paperwork, and obtains the required permits from local authorities. Ensuring your installation complies with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Installation and Commissioning

AllPhase’s in-house team of licensed electricians then starts the physical installation of the solar panel system, including such things as mounting the panels, installing inverters and batteries (if applicable), and integrating the system with the existing electrical grid. 

There is no outsourcing or contractors involved. So, you’re engaging a company on top of what’s happening, entirely in charge and 100% accountable.

After installation, the system is tested and commissioned to ensure it operates efficiently.

Grid Connection and Net Metering Setup

Where applicable, AllPhase also connects the solar system to the electrical grid and sets up net metering if available. Net metering allows homeowners to sell excess electricity to the grid, offsetting energy costs.

Monitoring and Maintenance Services

AllPhase also connects monitoring services where applicable to ensure the solar system operates at peak efficiency. We also provide routine maintenance and repairs, including cleaning solar panels, checking inverters, and replacing components as needed.

Warranty and Support

Allphased only uses the highest quality solar products at the forefront of technology, supplied through our established network of reputable solar partners. 

Your solar solution is built using world-class products manufactured to the highest standards for homeowner, business, and commercial solar needs. We only use products that perform at best practice, have been rigorously tested, and have a full guarantee.

Keeping Up with Advances

The solar industry is rapidly evolving, and AllPhase keeps abreast of the latest technological advancements and regulatory changes to solar solutions.

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AllPhase offers a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of transitioning to solar energy.

AllPhase the One-Stop-Shop, from the initial consultation to ongoing maintenance; we’re here to make solar power accessible and manageable for residential and commercial customers.

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