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Electrical systems are the lifeblood of our modern world, fuelling everything from our homes to our workplaces. AllPhase supplies the full range of electrical services and also has Level 2 certification.

Level 2 certification means AllPhase are qualified to provide more than basic electrical services. Level 2 electricians can deal with metering, overhead and underground services within the house and between the street and your property.

Installation of Electrical Systems

  • Residential Installations: This involves setting up the entire electrical system for new homes, including wiring, switch installations, outlet placements, and the setup of main electrical panels.
  • Commercial Installations: In commercial settings, Allphase may be tasked with setting up more extensive and complex systems, including three-phase setups, commercial lighting, and special circuits.

Property Upgrades and Retrofits

For older properties, Allphase can upgrade systems to meet current standards. This can involve replacing old wiring, updating electrical panels, or retrofitting modern fixtures.

Lighting Solutions

  • Installation: Allphase installs lighting fixtures in homes, offices, outdoor spaces, and more.
  • Design: We can also provide creative lighting designs, providing high-tech, aesthetically pleasing and efficient lighting solutions.
  • Maintenance: Lighting systems can degrade over time and require maintenance or replacement.

Inspection and Testing

  • Safety Inspections: Allphase can conduct thorough inspections of properties to ensure all electrical systems are up to code and functioning safely.
  • Electrical Diagnostics: Using advanced tools, Allphase can diagnose faults, inefficiencies, or potential hazards in a system.

Repair and Maintenance

  • Fault Repair: Allphase can handle various repair tasks, from blown fuses to malfunctioning outlets.
  • Periodic Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance services can prevent potential hazards and ensure the longevity of an electrical system.

Emergency Services

Allphase also offers emergency services, understanding that electrical issues can arise anytime and pose immediate threats.

Advanced Safety Systems

Modern safety demands go beyond just alarms.

  • Fire Alarm Systems: Integrated solutions that detect and alert occupants.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection: Systems that alert homeowners to dangerous CO levels.
  • Installation of Residual Current Device’s (RCD’s): To learn more about RCD’s read: “RCD’s the lifesaving device every home should have.”

Installation of Specialised Systems

  • Home Automation: With the rise of smart homes, AllPhase is experienced in installing integrated home automation systems.
  • Security Systems: AllPhase can install and maintain alarm systems, CCTV cameras and other security-related installations.
  • Surge Protection: AllPhase can install whole-house surge protectors to guard against potential electrical surges.

Green Energy Solutions

  • Solar Panel Installation: As renewable energy becomes more common, Allphase is experienced and trained to install solar panels and related systems.
  • Energy Storage Solutions: Installing batteries that store renewable energy for off-peak use
  • Energy Audits: Allphase can evaluate a property’s energy consumption and offer solutions to improve efficiency.
  • Wind Energy Installations: For homes or businesses in suitable areas.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

With the rise of electric vehicles, there’s an increasing demand for home and commercial EV charging stations. Allphase, are you local experts in:

  • Supply and installation: Allphase can advise on the appropriate charging station and monitoring technology, install it on dedicated circuits, and ensure you get the right solution. 
  • Maintenance: Regular checks to ensure safety and efficiency.

Data and Communication Line Installations

This involves setting up data lines like Ethernet cables and other cabling like telephone lines.

Backup Power Solutions

Given the occasional unpredictability of power supplies, backup solutions are vital.

  • Generator Installations: For homes and businesses to prevent downtime.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS): Primarily for businesses, especially IT infrastructure, to ensure no disruption in case of sudden power cuts.

Specialty Commercial Solutions

For businesses, particular niches require dedicated services:

  • Agricultural: Solutions tailored for farms, including machinery and irrigation systems.
  • Industrial: Handling high-voltage systems, machinery, and safety protocols for factories.
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